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    Welcome to the Yeshiva World News Coffee Room.

    The purpose of the Coffee Room is to be a place where people can come and talk about all different topics and express their opinion in a polite respectable manner. Please understand that thousands of people from all walks of life will read your posts. Anything you submit becomes the property of YWN. With that in mind we established a set of rules* that all posters must follow. We strongly encourage people to start new topics and post often. However, only posts that follow these rules will be approved. Keep in mind that moderating comments is an enormously time-consuming process, and if a comment looks like it doesn’t fit the criteria, it’s immediately deleted.

      YWN Coffee Room Posting Rules

    Loshon Hara and other inappropriate speech

    1 - Use common sense. We’re not going to post hateful, hurtful, vicious comments no matter how right you may think you are.

    2 - Loshon Hara will not be tolerated at all. We are not and will not become Lashon Hara central (keep this in mind when starting a thread).

    3 - Opinions are okay, but demeaning Torah, halacha and gedolim is not okay. We do not want the responsibility of deciding how wrong a comment is, and if it is or if it isn’t against halacha. We are not poskim and we will always err on the side of caution.

    4 - Understand that this site is called The Yeshiva World and use appropriate expressions. Do not try to slip in double meanings. Understand what is typed is not always what is read (tone).

    Topic and tone

    1 - All posts must be kept on topic.

    2 - If your post was deleted, please don't post asking us why your post was deleted. It was deleted because we felt that there was something inappropriate, off topic etc. Do not resubmit deleted posts.

    3 - Do not use excessive CAPS.

    4 - Before starting a new topic do a quick check to see if the topic exists.

    5 - Please try to post in a language somewhat resembling English. Visit spellcheck.net if you need help. Mozilla Firefox browser also offers a spellcheck option. If your comment is not written in normal English, it will not be approved.

    6 - Yeshiva World encourages people to start new threads. Please make sure to put that thread in the correct section of the coffee room. If you think that we should add a section , please email one of the moderators.

    Personal Info

    1 - Please don't try to pry out personal information. Any questions or comments directed towards trying to "figure out" a blogger's identity will not be tolerated.

    2 - Personal email addresses or websites will not be published. Posts that ask others to meet them at "Plonis" will not be approved. Should a blogger continuously try to pry personal information from others, he/she will be booted from YWN
    One user name per person. Period! If there is a need to drop an existing user name and adopt a new user name (e.g. personal information has been compromised), let us know so that we do not unitentionally "out" you.

    3 - We generally can not post links to other websites. Additionally, please do not try to promote your store, business or product in a comment. We do not do free advertising, and it won’t be posted.


    1 - Please try to keep your comments short and to the point. We don’t have the time to read through long essays. We can not edit your posts, we just don't have time. Any long "Megillah" will most probably be deleted without even being read.

    2 - You may request a post be deleted either by email or by another post. We will review and take appropriate action.

    3 - Do not request to be a moderator. Do not pretend to be a Moderator – this includes: creating a username that mimics the Moderator or posting as if you were a moderator (no one is fooled by this). If you choose a username which resembles a moderator, the username will be deleted.

    Any screenname deemed inappropriate will have its posts rejected automatically.

    This is the Internet and everyone sees what you write. Ve'Hameivin Yavin.

    The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.

    If you would like to contact YWN, please use the Contact YWN link on the home page or go. Please understand that YWN receives hundreds of emails daily and can't read or respond to all of them.

    *All rules are subject to change without notice.

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