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    I’m trying to help out somebody buy a new home printer. Printing needs are pretty minimal, basic, for someone who is not exactly tech-savvy, but would like an all-in-one color printer, copier, scanner. There is no need for mobile printing, as all printing will be done from a laptop that sits in one place, even wireless is really not needed. All the reviews I have read online describe the wonderful features of mobile printing, instant ink programs, high quality photo printing, etc. None of that is really necessary in this case, and I am getting the feeling that “more” will turn out to be “less”. What is really needed is an “old-fashioned” basic inkjet printer that can print out nice pictures (plain paper) that is affordable, both in terms or purchase price (under $100) and ink replacement. Any suggestions? I’ve seen a couple of cheap simple Cannons, could that work in this case?

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