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    That’s right, you read the topic title correctly.

    Someone is selling his portion in the world to come on eBay!!! My feelings are ineffable. Never in my life did I think we, as a Jewish people, would sink this low.

    Currently, there are 184 bidders with the price at $99,900. There are around 5 days left to the auction so imagine the price will increase substantially over this period of time (the price went from $6,000 to $99,000 in just a few hours).

    I have two questions:

    1) Is this allowed, and will the pathetic person who purchases this really receive someone else’s share in olam haba?

    2) Secondly, who is more pathetic: The person selling it or the people bidding on this “item.”

    I would love to hear your thoughts!



    I’ll buy it.



    I know there are many stories about the Gedolim who “gave away” their portions in oilom habo for interesting things.

    There was the story of the Gaon, who for some reason didn’t have an Esrog, and they went looking for one. The only person they could find would sell it for the sechar mitzvah of the Gaons shaking. The Gaon took the offer happily, and then smiled and said that it is his first time to be mekayem the mitzvah lishmah.



    Rip off…If someone has sunk low enough that they are ready to sell their olam haba on eBay, they probably don’t have $99,000 worth of it. =P


    musser zoger

    Now if the seller embarraes a Yid in public he loses his olam haba. How can the buyer be sure it’s not a mekach taus?



    The seller is someone who Blogs calling himself a Koifer and seeks to turn others off from yiddishkeit.

    I don’t know that his oilam habaah is worth too much.

    Further proof to his sorry situation are his comments in the sQ&A section on the same page.

    He probably thinks he is being cute. But it is just lame.



    It was already yanked off eBay



    Interesting. I read the article on this. The guy promised not to become a bigger Ba’al Aveirah if someone bought this. He also promised not to be Over on anything that costs his Olam Habah (he clearly didn’t know that an Apikores has no Chelek anyway). Maybe there would be a Chiyuv to “buy” it in order to save him from doing more Aveiros in life.


    musser zoger

    Buying OH will not “save him from doing more Aveiros in life”. And maybe it probably has negative value anyway.


    Mr Sfardi

    zahavasdad: it is still on eBay and i think that its pothetic. who said that its even a jew, it could and probly is a faker



    Wow. Truly sad.



    The eBay listing has been removed, perhaps he reposted it. Did you actually see the listing, not a screen shot?


    yaakov doe

    If we don’t know who the Ebay seller is, how do we know what kind of share he has in Olam Habah? Does Paypal or Ebay guarantee it? Can I resell it if I win?



    How do I know he hasn’t sold it already? Maybe he already sold it a billion times



    I would think it would violate the EBay terms of service. What the ethical implications of that are I will leave to someone wiser than I am.



    Yaakov: We know who it is. He’s admitted to being a former Chassid who became an Apikores. He has no Chelek in Olam Haba.


    Look what i found:

    its actually by the guy, this is exactly what he wrote, no links.




    What he doesn’t know (or does know but pretends not to) is that an atheist has no Chelek in Olam Haba whatsoever.



    It was an off the derekh kid. Onemight suggest there is a connection between taking up cheeseburgers and taking up larceny – they are both prohibitted by the same laws, which he has rejected.


    Mi k’amcho Yisroel that some people bid real money on it.


    Avi K

    Actually, it’s questionable if he can sell it as it has not yet come into the world being that one’s portion is set when he leaves. While one can sell a devar shelo ba laolam through a shiabud guf (obligating himself to turn it over when he gets it) he wil no longer have a guf.


    Git Meshige

    The worst part of it are us, the losers that took notice of it. Imagine the Gadlus, if noone would have bidded and noone commented. This idiot is thriving on the little attention that he garnered. It would have been sweet if he would have garnered the same amount of attention and bids as a used Startac Motorola phone, for those that remember it



    DY: No, because it means people put exorbitant bids on something without even knowing or looking into the fact that it’s worthless.

    Avi K: There is so much wrong with your statement I don’t even know where to begin.



    Also, nobody who bid had any intention of paying. The listing had been taken down the day before, and was certain to be taken down again. And even if it wasn’t, they can just refuse to pay and get at most bad feedback.


    Sam2, I agree it’s lacking sophistication and discernment, I was just impressed with the emunah peshutah. Except that popa’s probably right.

    It reminded me of the story of the holocaust survivor who said he lost his faith when he saw someone selling (for bread) the rights to don his tefillin. Someone pointed out to him that he should have instead looked at the fact that people were willing to give up their meager crumbs to wear tefillin.


    I looked it up, (thats where i found that article) and i saw another jewish forum discussing this and quoting midrash and doing all that stuff we girls dont understand.

    anyway they came to the conclusion that according the the midrash and a bunch of famous rabbi’s i dint kniw by name you cant give ur olam habah away and trying to will probobly make ur olam habah dissapear…..

    Go google: selling olam haba on ebay

    and youll see it



    as the story goes, don’t know if the buyer gets it, but the seller certainly lost it!



    Not funny.


    Someone’s selling their Gehinom on ebay ( My Place In Hell My Portion In Gehinom )

    What crazy people:

    I eat a gid hanasheh every bite,

    I put on my left shoe before my right,

    You think I don’t do aveiros? Don’t even wonder,

    I never make a brucheh when I hear the thunder,

    My wife wears a sheitel, not a tichel,

    I eat the herring without the kichel,

    I drink every night ad delo yudeh,

    I never sing zemiros at the shabbos sudeh,

    I hang around with a goyishe oilem,

    I never do bikur cholim,

    Yeah I hang out with goyim vus iz nisht gemalet,

    I don’t put on my paper, beis samech daled.

    I go to shul and I’m just chillin,

    I only put on one pair of tefillin,

    I never cry when I go to levayos,

    I eat the matzah, less than a kezayis,

    I don’t even care about chulev stam,

    I don’t even like be’er mayim chayim,

    I go to the games with Derek Jeter,

    I always get married during sefira,

    I do aveiros, oid ve’oid,

    I never go on trips on chol hamo’ed,

    I never daven tefillah be’tzibur,

    I listen to the tapes, from Justin Bieber.

    I’m such a goy, vus hut du getracht,

    I learn the gantzeh nittel nacht,

    Chassidim and rebbes are not my types,

    I wear the tzitzis without the stripes,

    I always say lashon hara,

    All my friends do avodah zara,

    I’m such a tzioni, I sing Hatikva,

    I don’t even pay when I use the mikva,

    I changed my name to Sam, from Shmuel,

    I don’t even like Eretz Yisrooel,

    I don’t ask for a shidduch when I go to Amukah,

    I give more than a choimesh to tzedukeh,

    I use the Internet for the news,

    I do birkas kohanim with my shoes.

    I do shnayim mikra without the targum,

    When I see an Amaleiki I would never harg him,

    I’m the biggest ba’al aveiros in the velt,

    I never give my kids any chanuka gelt,

    My esrog is always full of black dots,

    I always make a brucheh when I wash urchatz,

    I eat in the sukkah on Sh’mini Atzeres,

    I toivel in the mikvah holding a sheretz,

    By Haman’s name I always cheer,

    By shulem zuchers I only drink root beer,

    By the Purim shpiel I never laugh,

    For afikomen I use the smaller half,

    I only drink gimmel koises,

    I eat tons of marror without charoises,

    Rosh Hashana by simanim I eat the shvantz,

    By my chasunah I had an aveirah tantz!


    lebidik yankel

    In tshuvos maharam el shakar siman kuf (100) he quotes a teshuva from rav hai gaon on the subject. Rav Hai gaon firmly felt that selling olam habah was a farce and couldn’t work anymore than selling your mood, personality or thoughts


    It reminds a little of the interaction between Yaakov and Eisav.

    When faced with his overbearing physical desire, Eisav couldn’t appreciate the value of the birthright, something that was abstract and not immediate in value. He sold it for the pleasure of a bowl of soup which was instant gratification.

    Only later did he scream out in horrified agony as his dreams, values and all the eternal qualities that the birthright, blessings and by extension, that Olam Haba represents, had been all but lost to him.

    This poor guy recognises the deep value of the eternal fragments of his life to date. The times he made sacrifices for others, lived for higher values that made life true and real. These are the meaningful moments that have built him and truly are him. These were the moments worth dieing for and certainly worth living for.

    To superficially sell out for a few $’s or even a billion dollars says more about the dark challenges of our time than his confused soul.

    In the Holocaust people would rather be shot than trample on a Sefer Torah. For 3,000 years people lived with next to nothing but had something that no money can buy. An inner world that no one can take away however much they tried to degrade, rape and mutilate.

    May Hashem help us to see Him clearly in our lives each and every day, and may He lovingly guide us to make only good, positive and healthy decisions. One’s which connect us with our own deepest essence and His, which is the reality of Olam Haba.

    May we have constant simcha and taste the pleasure of Olam Haba while still alive.

    May the hearts of those that feel distant fall deeper in love with Hashem and enjoy the taste the deepest pleasure of all; teshuva.

    Some of the most powerful prayers were written by those that had fallen to the depths of evil and despair and returned from there with insight, wisdom and real connection.

    Hashem wants us to all succeed, never give up and become truly great. Amen.



    If you can’t sell your schar, then what is a “Yissochor-Zevulun” partnership? Isn’t that where one guy gets the bucks and the other guy learns, and they split cash & schar?

    (And any random bloke can make a ????? ?????? partnership; I have seen the text of such an agreement written by R’ Isser Zalman Meltzer zt”l, who praised the idea very much.


    yaakov doe

    The portion of genhenim from the poet is priced much lower than the pulled listing for the Olam Habah. Is that because gehenim is only for a brief time and the market drives the price?




    One cannot convert from Judaism, if you born a Jew you stay a Jew. so obviously this guy selling his Olam Habah has something to sell. i’m not sure if one can sell his share.

    My optimistic point of view.



    The Gehinnom sale lyrics were taken from a song/spoof that floated around cyberspace a few months ago (which I noted back then is offensive) by a few yeshivish guys. The seller now obviously is not expecting to cash in here, just having fun – his way of responding to the guy selling his olam habaah, whose motive only G-d knows…



    Bruchi: Yes, but the Mishnah then lists those who have no share. This guy is included on the list. He’s an atheist.



    Re: Sam2: I’m sure this fellow is a Tinuk Shenishbu, We should never Judge him until we are in his place, he could of had a hard life in the past, maybe no Love, caring, etc…..

    Bruchi G



    Rav Chaim Kaniefsky says it is impossible to sell their portion in the sefer Shailos Rav pg.88 ,the questioner brings the famous story of the Gra who gave up his shcar mitzvah to have an esrog.see also Divrei Eliyahu pg 101 .Rav Chaim says its impossible and we don’t learn halacha from stories.



    I think this is so sad. I saw this the other day, someone sent me a link, and I was blown away. I heard that the bidders were this guys friends. I’m just so sad. I personally, although I try to do the right thing and be a role model for my child/children, do mitzvos, keep Halacha, I’m terrified about what comes after life. As the seller put it ” were only in gehenom for 11 months”, to me that’s an eternity! I was just speaking to my husband about it, and about how frightened I am for that time. I know it’s off topic but, does anyone have any words of advice for me to not live life so scared of that. Or is it good to be frightened?



    I had a look at ? ??? about a Yissachar-Zevulun partnership, and he goes through at length (??”? ?”? ??’ ?”?) all the various dinim, and whether it needs to be exactly half/half; whether it is ????, and a lits of different ?????.

    He brings (a) a ????? about whether you can do it with somebody who is not ???? ???? ?????? (although he is talking about the Zevulun rather than the Yissachar), and (b) he brings that the partnership must be done BEFORE the learning; however if one has already learnt and tries to sell it, not only does it not work, but he loses what he already has.


    they took it back down



    i happened to be in brooklyn and i saw in a store in boro park (z b books) a wonderfull sefer which came out by the name ????? ???? ???” ?????” and answers all the questions and thoughts above and also brings down alot of stories of gedolim and explains it all. its cheap (i think $5) it pays


    a) There are very few real atheists these days. Don’t believe what he claims.

    b)It is assur to sell the value of a mitzvah once it is done. In a tissachar-zevulan you are not giving away schar you already have, so there is no bizuy.

    c)this guys olam haba increased in value from $6,000 to $99,000 in a few hours. (Famous chassidishe maaseh similar to that.) Sounds like a good deal to me. All jokes aside, poor guy. We should daven for him instead of posting on YWN.



    that sefer also comes out that you can not sell it he brings a tsuvas marsham and reb shlomo kluger very intresting go take a look



    Funny how the guy selling his gehennom plagiarised my lyrics as his product description. I never intended to be the spokesman for atheists. I do not believe in atheism.



    I personally hold, and everyone is entitled to disagree, the football is avoda zora





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