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    Is there anyone around today who knows the trop for tehillim, mishlei, iyov etc?

    Is there any way to learn it?

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    There is a book ‘Taamei Hamikra put out by Eshkol that has the visuals and the hierarchy, to figure how phraseology should work ( and to correct the texts that leave out trop but insert errant commas) but as to the sounds, I have yet to find a specimen. the best bet is to find an old sfardi singing tehillim, and to ask him if he know what he is doing.

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    Rav Levi Sudri has an excellent collection of CD’s, etc… with all of Tanach leined, primarily in Moroccan Sephardi Nusach, but Ashkenazi as well.

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    There are many people who know Ta’amei Emet well. Just about every sefardi over fifty, and some ashkenazi ba’alei kria. I have mp3s of the ta’amim plus some perakim of tehillim and Eishes Chayil. Kinnor trope trainer software has a program that teaches it. Google them.

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