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    need god

    Recently, our communities have begun to recognize and accept drug abuse, alcoholism, and narcotics abuse. Why is it that food addiction is not becoming accepted? Why are people being shunned for being overweight while it sometimes isn’t their fault -as they are addicted? Why can’t people understand that in a certain sense it might be harder for food addicts to stop their addiction because people must eat every day so every time they eat it is harder to stop tr addiction ……. does anyone understand?



    I’m sorry to hear that it sounds like you are going through a tough time. First off, you should know that despite the fact that so many people look like everything is going easy peasey for them and their life is so glamorous, everyone has struggles. Noone ive met yet (except maybe people with real strong emunah) says they have it easy. Part of believing in Hashem is the belief that He is fair. Although it may look like everything is out of any order, theres a 30 (or more) dimensional chess game Hashem is controlling, with all pieces being the king (or queen.) Each of us is an only child to the One above, you have His complete and total undivided attention.

    Part of believing in Hashem is knowing that He does care about you and does feel all your pain. This life is a hide and seek game with Hshem -when He hides, it isnt so we shuld give up and say “He’s not here”. He wants us to know that he’s just hiding and we should try to seek.

    To answer your question, when you say other abuses are “accepted”, it doesnt mean people think its ok. They dont and it isnt. It means the community is starting to realize that there are problems that must be dealt with. Meaning as opposed to DENIAL of an issue, they ACCEPT the truth.

    In an academic journal, i saw a study about obesity and it sounded along the lines like what you are saying. Many people dont realize the struggles some people have with eating/weight and think that if a person is overweight it is because they are lazy or dont want to control themselves, which is of course not the case. Besides, even if it is the case, a person is a person. They should not be shunned and definitely not for their eating habits. Dont let others or society define who you are, your worth, and your value (infinite!!!!!! infinite!!!!! infinite!!!!!!). People are insecure and often are willing to purposefully ignore someone just to make him or her feel bad about themselves, like they don’t matter, in order for the ignorer to feel on a higher level than him/her.

    Pray. Talk to Hashem. It works wonders, miracles happen, ive seen it and my friends have seen it. Smile, look at the good you have in life, in urself , and maybe even in others.

    Try to understand how you would act if u were in their shoes, growing up in their life, not dealing and experiencing the battles that you face. Would you know to be kinder? Would you honestly be a better person than them? It might hurt but be honest. Thoughts and prayers to u and urs. Talk to Hashem itl be the best thing youve ever done in your life.



    shunned for being overweight? go into any shul or shteeble.



    Abuse is never acceptable. Why should anyone accept it?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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