Will the state of morality in the USA ever recover? Who can be trusted?

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    With the ongoing news of people in high positions, fearlessly and shamelessly, involved in immoral activity to the detriment of national security, I now wonder….. Will the state of morality in the USA and the world at large, ever recover? Who can be trusted?

    Society at large helplessly allows these cravings for instant physical and other gratification, to affect judgment. Such society is bound to self-destruct.

    Sadly, its happening.



    You think it was different in the past? While there have been exceptions, the only difference in the past it was hard to get caught “with your pants down”. Indeed, now with DNA testing we can uncover all sorts of things in history (none of which we would be allowed, for good reason, to discuss here).

    And yes, frum Yidden are different. We were, and will always will be. It even shows up in scientfic research (e.g., a major factor in determining that one form of cancer was sexually transmitted was the discovery that the disease was very rare in our community). But again, that’s not a hidush either.



    “Who can be trusted?” What, we trust politicians now?


    of course just look at history polititions usualy say the truth Obama promised change and now thats about all anyone has in their pockets (besides maxed out Credit cards)

    Romney promised that US will get worse if obama wins… Truth again

    Do oyu need more examps of polititions saying the truth?



    Yes, we all know politicians are capable of no good, but theres improper behavior and theres improper behavior. Its one thing for a politician to err in his private life and have it end there, but to be involved to the point where they are “yes” people and national security is endangered- allowing these 2 Arab sisters, very close friends of Petraeus and Allen, on White House and Army grounds, often with little or no restriction, because of their “connections”, and other stuff thats getting uncovered, about one of the sister’s partners doing major business with the government with Army supplies, is past the tolerance level. Very messy.

    Serious lack of morals and lack of self control cloud thinking.


    This story is embarrassing because it portrays the government’s highest actors caught up in high school shenanigans, not because one of the women involved is of Arab ethnicity.

    FWIW, the past was no better. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and other presidents were known to be fairly immoral as well. At least in this case it’s not the president.

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