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    It was just announced that the Yeshiva University Men’s Basketball Team (aka the “Maccabees”) has qualified for the NCAA Division III Championship Tournament (aka mini-March Madness). Should we be kvelling about the fact that these bnai torah have been so successful while pursuing an already challenging schedule of limudei kodesh and secular studies or is this just another one of those pursuits that is what Joseph always hoks about that R Miller refers to as “derech h’goyim. So which is it…kiddush hashem or yungerleit dribbling rather than shteiging.
    BTW, for those wondering about women pursuing a professional career, it may not be in the WBA…the YU Women’s basktball team (aka the “Cholentmachers”) ended the season with a 4-20 record, losing to Staten Island Community College 108-62)



    If you’re a basketball fan, kvell. Why not?
    I’m a baseball fan…(.as is R’ Wein , and as was R’ Finkel Z’Tl who , a year before the Cubs won the WS, said that he doubted they would ever win the WS in his lifetime , and then sadly was nifter a year before .)… as are plenty of lomdim , shteigers and rabbis ……..so what?
    Sandy Koufax , for being a great pitcher, and more so for taking off on Yom Kippur during the World Series ,brought pride to so many Jews, including many who were initially not too attached to Judaism .
    I’m proud of Sandy.. Kvell away….



    Does the YU Women’s Basketball team dress like frum Yidden or like prutzas?

    Wait, why does YU have sports teams? That’s what they mean by “Torah U’Madda”? Ah, because the goyishe colleges have sports, so they must also.



    Joseph asks:
    “..Does the YU Women’s Basketball team dress like frum Yidden or like prutzas?”
    Of course the women of the basketball team dress like frum yidden…their uniforms are dark streimlach, gold colored bekishes with the YU logo in blue trim and long white kneesocks and special edition air jordans with techeles colored laces. Nothing like the women you seem to be most familiar with.

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