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    Hi all. Just wondering, is YWN the new source for chabad news? It seems as if every other article recently is titled either chabad or lubavitch. I dont have such an issue with it other than if I wanted to view their “news”, I would just go to their own web sites. Its kind of funny though since whenever an article regarding the Yeshivish world or Chassidishe world is somehow posted on their site, their is a hell storm about it and the comments are so hateful it is beyond belief. Everyone ranting about how they dont care about the litvaks problems/politics/news and that they should deal with their own issues. So why the double standard? Can I go on to YWN and actually see things related to my own community? Just a thought..



    Chabad have their own sites.


    Never saw any hate comments on our sites


    It’s cuz our shluchim are in danger because of the hurricanes and tornados and we don’t abandon our posts
    We are lamplighters
    A lamplighter doesn’t abandon their “job”






    Chabad has a good attitude towards use of media and public relations, and therefore gets better press than its numbers would suggest.



    Some people think shluchim are great tzadikim because risk their lives so that orthodox Jews who go to the Caribbean for vacation can get kosher food. Others think just the opposite.


    Let me tell u but I can’t because where some shluchim live it’s so bad the Antisemitic there they bug they’re phone shut off water basically very dangerous to talk on the phone and they can be expelled it has happened before summer so I’m don’t even have a shul or Chabad house because they’re so as a religion and I can’t even type it here because it’s too dangerous


    Shluchos is misurus nefesh 100%
    Some shluchim have to go to the farm to get milk because it’s to expensive to import
    And they’re kids having no Jewish friends and the only drum friends they have are their classmates from different countries



    I know some are against moving to places without a Orthodox community. But I agree that it must be a big miseras nefesh. It’s not like going to kollel with a bunch of your friends getting paid to learn for a few years. You are going on your own far away from friends and family, kosher food minyanim, mikvah. And it’s not for an extended well paid vacation. It’s a long term commitment and I’m not sure how the finances work but they have to raise alot of the money themselves. It’s not pashut to dedicate your entire life to serving others. Having your home open all the time for anyone.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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