Letter From Chesed Shel Emes Ahead Of Hurricane Irma


In response to the impending and potentially devastating storm about to hit South Florida, a coalition of organizations have banded together to assist all those who may be affected by the storm.

Zaka International, Hatzalah Miami-Dade, Amudim and Chesed Shel Emes (CSE) of  Florida have teamed up to provide for the needs of the Jewish communities of South Florida in any way possible.  CSE will be available to assist you after the storm with whatever situation you may find yourself in, as a result of the monster storm.

CSE is in communication with state, local and federal agencies to coordinate and assist the Jewish communities, these agencies understand and are aware that the fact that the storm is starting on Shabbos, which will make it even more difficult to deal with for the frum community.  Rest assured that CSE is standing by even during Shabbos for any emergency that may arise.

CSE encourages all resident to follow and adhere to the directions of local authorities and not to take safety for granted. Once the storm passes, CSE will have a command center set up for any help you may need, If cell towers are down and you have no communication device available, you will have the ability to come to the command center, as all efforts and operation will be mobilized from our command.

Location of the command center:  NE 171 terrace & 8th Avenue, North Miami Beach.
An emergency hotline # has been dedicated for the Hurricane. Emergency #: 786-410-9566 to reach CSE directly in case of emergency please call 305-590-8005.

Elul is a time of rachamim, and we fervently look forward to assisting our brothers in need wherever they may be and however difficult the situation.

Stay Safe

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)