President Barack Obama Has Won Reelection


President Obama won a second term in the White House Tuesday night, Fox News projects, overcoming concerns about the fragile economic recovery to edge out Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

The president’s win in the crucial battleground of Ohio, coupled with subsequent victories in both Iowa and Oregon, put him over the required 270 electoral votes.

Obama broke out early in the night, winning a string of key battlegrounds even as Romney built his electoral-vote count with wins in reliably conservative states. Obama scored a big win in Pennsylvania, a vital battleground where Romney made a late play for support. Obama also walked away with a win in the swing states of New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Minutes before Obama was projected the winner, Romney claimed his first battleground prize of the night with a projected victory in North Carolina, where the Democrats held their 2012 convention.

Elsewhere, Obama and Romney each racked up expected victories Tuesday night in relatively safe territory.

Romney was the projected winner in Utah, Montana, Arizona, Missouri, Idaho, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana and Kentucky.

Fox News projects Obama was the winner in his home state of Illinois, California, Hawaii, Washington, Minnesota, New Mexico, Maine, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and the District of Columbia.



  1. Another sad day in the history of this once former great nation. How could anyone vote for this pera adom after what he did to our ambassador and marines in Benghazi?? Then the cover up??


  2. I project Israel will attack Iran very soon. Israel can’t rely on Obama he will not lift a finger to help Jews, the muslim racist hatemongerer.

  3. Raboisai,
    Lev sorim umelochim beyad Hashem.
    If you don’t like the results then say Tehilim and/or do teshuvah.
    Please be careful what you post. There are many other people watching this website.

  4. Although I disagree with his relationship with Israel and toeiva, I still found myself voting for him because I need to take care of my family and we need the govt programs and free medical that we would lose under Romney.

  5. vadim
    Romney wasn’t going to take away your programs, but obviously you and all the other millions believed the Democrats lies. They lie for a living thats all they do and the media lets them and helps them.

  6. Vadim, the Obama government is going to make you loose your job… Watch.. once obamacare is in action tons of layoffs are going to follow….

    Bad move vadim, bad move America!

  7. To No. 1 (Mark Levin)

    Its only fitting you were the first to post a hateful rant against Obama after months of similiar hateful comments. Please look in the mirror for the true meaning of what a “pera adom” really is. Its time for the nation to come together and find some common ground on the great issues we confront both at home as well as finding some workable solution for peace in EY. No, Obama ain’t perfect but he clearly will do more for a greater number of Americans than Romney ever could or would.

    Best Regard from “Gadol B’eani” (aka Gadol B’eanav”)

  8. I have to
    Say thank you to all the jews who gave money to this disgraceful man one who denies Israel the right to exist thank you again!!!!!

  9. Now that the American election is over and done with may HE watch over and protect the State of Israel from wannabe Ayatolla Obummer as well as the towelheads and anti-semites who want us to be a people of the past.

  10. שהנשיא ברק אובמה in gematria = הרוצה בתשובה
    meaning, when O’ is prez, Hashem’s sending us a message: do teshuva!

  11. Yidden who, like schnitzy, “can’t believe this,” or who are otherwise surprised by the election results,are Exhibit A in support of why Yidden need to read more newspapers and get out of their daled amos and become more informed.

    The extent of Obama’s win may be a bit of surprise…Electoral College results are a landslide (303 to 203 with Florida still out) – and Obama clearly won the popular vote…but that Obama won is no chiddush and was largely expected.

  12. The “word on the street was that because Netanyahu and Romney were old Harvard buddies, that a Romney victory would be the best thing for us. Now we see that it is not.
    One reason stands out. The Gemara in Megilla tells us that one reason Esther concealed her nationality was so that Klal Yisroel would not rely on having an “insider” in the palace and would instead look to Hashem. Likewise, we now have an opportunity to realize that in reality, NO decisions are made at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Rather, our Melech, Ozair, uMoshiah, uMagain guides us, B’Ahavah!


  14. To No. 20

    I’d call myself a moderate rather than liberal and based on my billable hours and compensation for last year in a large national firm, hardly “jobless” or “lazy”. I certainly don’t aspire to Romney’s level of wealth but respect his achievements and thought that Obama overplayed the Bain Capital issue and disagree with his class warfare rhetoric. I suspect my taxes will go up next year and glad to make some small contribution to fixing our deficit problems. As for “mit mazel”, I’m sorry you don’t have much, especially this morning, which must be very hard for you to swallow. Well, wait for 2016 and maybe you can get a chashuve mensch like Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum to run again so we can sit back and watch the country go even more Blue. When will you guys realize that you cannot build a national party on a shrinking base of angry (and somewhat racist) white males.

  15. Everything is by Hashem’s will. However, we must do our histadlush. In this case, I am afraid that once again Klal Yisroel failed. Those on the East Coast did not learn their lesson with Sandy, That their direction was wrong, and again made the same mistake. I think we all need to be very careful how we do things and what we say. I fear the next four years will be perilous ones for the Klal in the US, Aretz and the world. Do not expect the demand for help to occur as it did with Katrina. With many Jewish areas hard hit, the government (Obama) will choose to ignore us and say, the money does not exist. Hashem should show all of Klal Yisroel Rachmanus.

  16. Vadim,
    You are so mistaken, its fascinating how you believe the sheker of the left leaning media. Essentially you voted not only for the toaivah and against Israel subject, but also you will not be getting free healthcare. Nothing new will happen other then those that make a living and barley will be paying more for health insurance. I dont expect better from the goyim, but us Yiden are smarter thand better then that.

  17. #13 Gadolhadorah, wow. You really are low. Please tell us what Obama(osama) has done for this country the last 4 years. In fact what has he ever done even as a 1 time Senator? If you watched him during the debates, he has no grasp on any topic, its mind blowing. I have more to say but i’ll save it.

  18. To #20- #13 may or may not be a liberal. But you are a disgrace to Yehadus when you label him a “low life, jobless, good for nothing and lazy!”

    How DARE you say something like that? Who says he WANTS to be jobless? Isn’t it possible that he lost his job and is trying desperately to find another one? Or perhaps you have not heard about the millions of Americans who cannot find work? Maybe you have mazal as a “Bissoness Man” (who didn’t make it past elementary school, with that kind of spelling) but not everyone has mazal in business.

    SHAME ON YOU! You should ask mechilah, NOW!!!

  19. Gadolhadorah really gadol b’tipshis,

    I would love to control where my comments show but alas I have NO control over that. I call ’em as I see ’em and if that goes against what your pitiful socialist liberal “progressive” brain has a problem with it, TOO BAD ON YOU!!

  20. Reply to 27….at this point, its really not worth debating further. I’ve never been sure if you are a troll and simply enjoy getting responses to your personal vendetta against President Obama, throwing around such terms as “pitiful” “socialist” etc. In any event, I’m feeling really good about the next 4 years while you and your chevrah are in terminal depression. The nation’s problems are too serious and the risks to EY too great to continue in the polarization of the past. Even the House and Senate Republican leadership came out tonight and offered concessions to the President and encouraged him to engage in meaningful dialogue. The time for you and the extreme wing of the Republican party has come and gone. Goodbye and good riddance.