Chesed Shel Emes Florida Arranges For Fuel To Be Brought To North Maimi Beach [VIDEO & PHOTOS]



Chesed Shel Emes in Miami has been busy for two days making house calls and checking on elderly people. Many trees blocking roads and homes were cut by the volunteers using chain saws brought from NY.

On Tuesday morning, the Director of Chesed Shel Emes in Florida, Mark Rosenberg, arranged for 600 gallons of fuel to be brought into the North Miami Beach Community so people can fill gas tanks so people can run generators – as the area is still without power; and some vehicles can be filled with gas. The hope is to have 1,200 gallons of gas distributed by the end of the day.

Local police chief Major Richard Rand, who was in the area, expressed his gratitude to the team who came to join the community effort. “This is an unbelievable effort. People going from house to house at 1:30AM in the morning when everyone else is sleeping, to make sure they are safe.”

One local askan tells YWN: “I don’t know how we would have survived without the help of CSE. They’re bringing fuel, generators and many other things to the community.”

A Chesed Fund Campaign has been launched by Chesed Shel Emmes – please click HERE if you would like to help them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)