Court Lifts Ban on Details of Alleged Bribes to Arbiv In Pinto Investigation


arbivAbout a week after former commander of Israel Police’s 433 Unit Menashe Arbiv resigned amid a cloud of bribery allegations, the Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Sunday morning 16 Adar I 5774 lifted a gag order prohibiting publication of the alleged bribes received by the former commander of the Israeli FBI.

Arbiv apparently received the bribes during his tenure as Israel Police attaché to Washington DC, including assistance in arranging a proper visa for his son in the USA as well as $2,400 monthly, which persons close to Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Shlita say the son needed due to his difficult financial situation as Arbiv led them to believe was the case.

According to Bentzion Suki, a close associate of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Shlita, this and more is documented in emails, including one by the son thanking the rabbi for his assistance. Suki adds that Rabbi Pinto used his influence to arrange a discount amounting to 700,000 NIS for Arbiv, who purchased an apartment in N. Tel Aviv from a land developer who is close to the rabbi. Suki adds that Arbiv received many free stays in New York City’s Metro Hotel, as he is one of the owners.

Associates of Rabbi Pinto tell the media the rav feels like he has been played by state legal officials as they signaled that they wished to cut an immunity deal with the rabbi in exchange for information against Arbiv. In actuality, they build their case against Arbiv with the evidence presented by the rabbi, who is now likely to face a multi-count criminal indictment. They are angry that the rav’s Shuvu Yisrael network is being dragged through the mud, as if the rav used tzedaka money for personal gain, denying all allegations. “The rav survived serious illness and he is strong, firm and determined to survive this affair to empower all of Israel” Shuvu Yisrael officials told the media.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)