New Gaza Campaign: Kill Your Dog And Receive NIS 10


Using the fact that there is severe poverty in Hamas-controlled Gaza, a campaign has been launched in Beit Lahiya, offering residents NIS 10 shekels for each stray dog they kill.

The local municipality has advertised, citing “Due to the large number of stray dogs in the area attacking residents, children and farmers, the city announces it will pay NIS 10 to each person killing a stray”.

Residents are informed they will receive NIS 10 for each stray brought to the collection point and there is no limit to how many one may bring. The campaign does not state how the dogs must or may be killed, simply to get rid of them.

Due to widespread poverty, the campaign has attracted many participants.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The misleading title states “your dog” with a photo of a cute hungry pooch. Anyone who has seen packs of hungry wild dogs know how dangerous and aggressive they can be similar to wolves. Rather than a futile call to the ASAP which probably does not exist in Gaza, local residents can get paid to help rid their areas of this danger.