IDF Soldier Killed and Four Injured in Tank Mishap [PHOTOS]


Sgt. Eliyahu Drori Z”L, 22, from Beit Shemesh, has been identified as the IDF soldier who was killed when a tank flipped over during operational activities along the border to Sinai in the Nitzana area. He served in the 188th Barak Armored Brigade. The levaya is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 30 Nissan at 5:00PM in Har Herzl.

The three remaining tank crew members remain in Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva, with two listed in serious condition and the third light.

The Merkava III tank was moving down an incline when it slipped and flipped over, leading to the outbreak of a fire inside the tank as a shell ignited for reasons that are yet unknown. The tank’s internal fire extinguishing system put out the blaze and save the lives of the other crew members.

Yeshivat Shalavim and the Hesder Yeshivot Association issued an obituary for Drori, “From the day he arrived in the yeshiva, he placed an emphasis on working on himself. Every day, it was important for him to advance and move forward. There was honesty and depth in his achievements and in general, Eliyahu was filled with the joy of life and he had a heart of gold. His will to all of us is to continue advancing more and more in the work of one’s self and in building up the Torah for the people and the country.”

The probe into the incident continues.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photos: IDF Spokesman Unit)


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