Reply To: Lahav Seminary


please answer the following questions about darchei binah:

1.What were you or other people at the seminary looking for in a seminary when deciding?

2.How important is the interview/How intense,etc.- reading of rashi?

3.What is the style of teaching? Discussion, lecture, classroom setting, chavrusa??

4.What type of classes are there?

5.Can you choose your classes?

6.How much work is there? Tests?

7.Is the seminary about getting as much done as possible or learning as much as possible out of each thing? Are tests and work a side factor and they really just want the girls to learn or is work a big factor of importance to the seminary?

8.How hard is it? How hard is hard?

10.The girls who go there is their focus on learning more textually or learning more and growing more spiritually?

12.Are they all about the outside or do they focus on the inside as well?

13.How big of a mix of people is it? Is it hard to find your place?

14.Do they go on trips? Do they go to Europe?

15.Are their rules strict? What are some of their rules?

16.Do they have a uniform?

17.What is the status of the dorm?

19.How many meals are given?