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When I read the JP article, I was so upset that a person could write such a thing, that I couldn’t even think of an articulate way to rebut it. Until Popa’s satire, which is quite well done:

The equivalent would have been if YWN’s headline had read:

“Most Modern Orthodox Jews don’t daven with a minyan because they don’t care about Hashem or the mitzvos.”

With a story reading:

“In a recent study released, it was proven again that Modern Orthodox Jews are not really Orthodox, and could care less about keeping the Torah. While it is fact that more than half of them live within 18 minutes of a shul, a majority declared that they do not attend shachris on a regular basis. They wake up and eat a leisurely breakfast with one message: Torah and Mitzvos are for old fashioned chareidim. What was even more astonishing was their complete honesty regarding the bankruptcy of their entire school of faith and study.”