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Popa- I would like to try to explain the ROB/Modern Orthodox position a little differently than you (at least the way I understand it). I think MOs would agree that Mitzvos encomapass everything, that it means Hashem wants you to act in a certain way, and it’s not limited to just the halachos in the S”A. So why don’t they understand Emunas Chachamim as broadly as the Chareidim? Possibly because while Rabbonim do have a closer relatinship with Hashem and do have a deeper understanding of what He wants of us, the Rabbonim are not necessarily expert in every field under the sun. In terms of halachah, it is clear that they have a better understanding of what Hashem wants and we must listen even if we don’t understand. But in other areas like politics, economics, legal issues, medicine, etc… some people who aren’t Rabbonim may have a better insight of what Hashem wants, not because they have better understanding of Hashem but because they have a better understanding of those topics. It’s possible that an MO who doesn’t have such a “Charedi” understanding of Emunas Chachamim would argue that Emunas Chachamim does not mean that Rabbonim are expert in every area, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that Rabboni have a better insight into what Hashem wants of us in areas that they are not expert in.