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I would assume that the question at the time of the Meraglim fits in the category we’re discussing here.

Ramban questions why Klal Yisroel were wrong, if the majority of the spies (Gedolim all) were against ? In one answer, he says that the two that were for were clearly greater. [and he factors in Hashem’s original promise]

Thus we see three rules:

1. We must listen.

2. We listen to majority.

3. A recognized individual who is greater overrules the consensus of the majority of Gedolim.

(And for both numbers 2 and 3, we must listen to the Charedi Gedolim today hands down. But that’s not the main point here)

Simcha – if you think they’re understanding something wrong in medicine, by all means let them know. If you don’t like their application – then your point is moot.