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nishtdayngesheft -“It seems someone is broigus that he was not considered by hatzola even though he is a self described expert. Shows me that hatzola certainly has standards. And probably qualifications in addition to just passing an emt course.”

Do you read minds? How do you know why I’m Broigus? You also don’t know the definition of standards and qualifications – perhaps look it up in a dictionary?

“All I know is that I see dedicated volunteers that give up of themselves continually and they have saved thousands of lives, all for no pay.”

Exactly and that’s what most people “know”. Sorry to disturb your little dream world! You can go back to sleep now.

“That’s what I have seen with my eyes. What I have also seen are bitter illogical comments by posters who are the same.”

And your eyes are correct – because why? Do you also proclaim to be a “self described expert”? You should look up the word illogical also because you don’t know the meaning. Nothing I posted was illogical. You might not agree with my opinion, but it doesn’t make it illogical.

“There may be things that are not perfect, but in my eyes they are a lot more perfect than you.”

Oh, I’m not perfect and I never thought I was, but tell me, since you’re the expert on Hatzolah (perhaps even a member, cooridnator), what are the “things that are not perfect” about them?