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i was gonna write something else (which i saved and was gonna send later) but after reading your last post im gonna go in a different direction. first of all i truly hope your opening up to your therapist as much as your opening up here. but even so, he/she can only help so much. this is obviously not just simple social anxiety. i think even you are aware of that even though you didnt want to admit it at first. for simple social anxiety, yes CBT alone can help. but this goes way deeper. you really should be on meds. please reconsider your beliefs about them and ask your therapist to refer you to someone who can prescribe you something. i know from my own experience (id rather not get into details but i had it bad too) and even my mother who sees so many adolescants (and adults!) with similar issues admits that the ones who go on meds have better success with therapy then the ones who dont.