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Dear Keep Climbing,

My life up until about 10-12 years ago was a miserable existence i felt utterly and completely alone, when forced to go to social functions I tried to avoid contact with people as much as possible I always preferred being alone to being even with a few people, I was only at ease when i was by myself.

Then i started therapy, you said you’ve been in therapy a couple months for me it took several years of therapy to realize I was a worthy human being and deserving of having a happy and complete life, I have been on social anxiety medication about 8 years now, I once attempted to go off them for one summer that was a huge mistake. You have a lot to overcome but i feel working with a therapist you trust you can get through this rough stage of your life.

You have a lot of hard work ahead of you but you can overcome the low self esteem and anxiety, I wish you well on your journey.