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I finally finished the shtender 🙂

I have a few notes (from my own experience) to tell everyone that plan on doing it.

I made the angle for the top of the shtender to about 41 degrees. While that is good for davening (which is my primary use), it is not good for learning when you sit and pull it back. A sefer will almost stand completely upright and may not sit right. For a learning shtender make it about 25 to 30 degrees, which means to make the difference between the front and back of the sides to about 3-3.5 inches.

ICOT suggested a circular saw, but I used a jigsaw. The jigsaw may have less power and a little longer cutting time, but I was able to make rounded edges on the top and the feet.

I used wood glue in the beginning, but found it not so easy to work with (maybe I need to be more careful and patient). I found that the main way that the wood holds together is by the screws. A problem that I had with glue is that where the glue is, the wood stain won’t absorb. There is stain-able wood glue, but I did not have it, nor did I realize the issue until staining.

I used a drill for pilot holes so that the screws did not split the wood.

I opted against making a door (see above post).

All in all, my first shtender was a success. If anyone is in the neighborhood and wants to see it, I’d be glad to show it.

Thank you ICOT !