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Thanks to all who replied. I’m sorry I don’t have the time to address everyone personally.

I did tell my mother that I feel a bit uneasy. She said what some of you said, that you knew your soul mates when dating as well as I know my chosson now. (Which was what I wanted to know…Is that true?)

My parents did a LOT of research, and I also told them to ask for specific things (I didn’t want to meet him before I was certain about some things).

smartcookie: My siblings got married with this method too. But one of them divorced (she’s happily married now, b”H). Just because they did extensive research does not mean (I sure hope it does!) I’ll have a great marriage.

MDG: The mechutanim will think I’m VERY odd and strange if I ask to spend some time with him now (never mind my parents…).

Feif Un: As the sibling of a divorcee, I beg to differ. A)It’s not taboo. B)Who told you that happy marriage rate is lower? Did you ever make a poll?

ill_ be_ strong, and a mamin: Thank you so much for your kind words.

mytake: Everything just happened so fast. After 20 min. my father knocked on the door and asked if we’d like to end it here, or continue talking. He shrugged, and it looked like he wanted to end it there, so I felt uncomfortable saying otherwise. Also, I tried looking for a reason to say no or at least think about it, or meet again, but I couldn’t.

Look, I’m happy and truly excited. But sometimes, I just feel so little and confused…whatever. Sorry for going on like this.