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Sacrilege, I am also a FFB and my husband is a BT. My in laws are traditional, their house is 100% kosher. They used to go to a conservative shul but when their son started becoming more religious they started going to an orthodox shul. In the beginning they were really traumatized that their son who they raised suddenly went “crazy”. But now when they see him married and they see their grandchildren they are thrilled.since my husband works with his father they really have a very close relationship and my father inlaw, even though he is not “religious” is one of the most decent, honest, hardworking and giving person that I know. He gives tzedaka to poor brides and to kolel couples. Everyone who meets him gets blown away with the quality of person that he is.

And my ashkenaz (I’m syrian), BT husband, well let’s just say…… How many people would say NO to such a match without even meeting the person?