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I am appaled by the utter lack of Ahavas Isroel, a feeling for another, trying to see yourself in another person’s place displayed by some people, including some of the posters here. They do not feel that frei Yidden are Yidden also, that we need to mekarev them,if possible (why did Ribono shel Olam send all the Nevi’im to rebuke Yidden, who were ovdei avoda zorah?). That baalei t’shuva are your brothers, and one must treat them accordingly. To some of the born-frum ba’alei ga’ava: had you been born in a frei home, would you become frum? If yes, how quickly? It appears that for some, as long as they (or, maybe, their community)are ok, the rest of Klal Isroel can just go under. has ve’sholom. It is not suprising that we

are still in golus.