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PBA: R’ Rechnitz can only work around the Roshei Yeshiva, not with them (and I have confirmed this with someone on the inside of this program). As I have said in the past, the Roshei Yeshiva (specifically BMG) are very happy to have an imbalance between boys and girls; it allows boys to stay in learning longer, and allows them to stay in Bais Medrash instead of needing to be able to support a family before dating. If the cost is 15%-20% (if that is the number, who really knows) of girls who never get married, so be it. That is why none of his proposals will solve the problem, they can only cover it over slightly better. Even to Squeak’s point #2, he is not saying that girls should be taught that these boys are the ones to marry, but rather trying to find these boys (if they are still willing to shidduch date) so they can be seen as second class and “settling” by their spouses (talk about a recipe for divorce!!!). He does not think of fixing the problem that the schools should teach that not all girls should be looking to marry a learning boy, as the imbalance might be fixed.

The elephant in the room is support, and how breaking the imbalance will cause a decrease in overall learning.