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☕ DaasYochid ☕

So you agree with me, but put a nicer spin on it. Yasher Koach.

Absolutely not. There’s a world of difference between saying they don’t really care (motzi shem ra, IMO), and saying they care deeply, but either have other priorities, or don’t “control” bochurim the way you, pba, and others seem to think they do.

As I have said before, if they really cared, they could extend the freezer by a year except for girls older than the boy. Not only would that solve the “crisis”, but it would also help those who are “older” (let’s say 26+), for whom no one seems to have any ideas.

The freezer is controversial enough without extending it further. Its purpose was never to manipulate bochurim into marrying differently; it was, and is, to allow them to settle into a good learning routine before the distraction of shidduchim comes up.

Also, it wouldn’t do much for 26+.