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houston, hollywood,FL, Madison,WI, Sandy Springs,GA, Savanna,GA, Los Angeles,CA, Detroit,MI, St.Louis,Missouri, Indianappolis, Minneapolis,MN, San Antonio, San Francisco, Jacksonville,FL, Charlotte,NC, Seattle,WA, Denver, Milwaukee, Washington, Silver Spring,Portland, Tuscon, Cleveland, Raleigh,NC, Tampa. Toledo, Buffalo,NY, Orlando, Birmingham,AL, Irvine,CA, Des Moines, Fort Lauderdale,FL, Vancouver, Eugene,OR, Boulder…..the list goes on and on and on and so many of them have great school with small classes, where each kid in the class isn’t a clone or some mold or cookie to fit into the cookie cutter, or whatever other metaphor people use….you will actually be needed and feel like you have a purpose…so much to give jewishly….your kids will feel proud to be Jewish and will behave accordingly (in many cases…)…..