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As most of you know, who know me for many years in the CR, the one main thing that ALWAYS grinds my gears, is disrespect. It is one of the very few things about which I might give mussar to another poster, and out of deference to the obvious lack of thought that the OP put into his comment before actually hitting “send post,” I will assume he was just trying to elicit lots of controversial commentary.

I don’t know if g’lilah is more choshuv than shlishi or any other kibud, for that matter. What I do know is that when one is offered the opportunity to be mechabeid the Torah, and treats that kovod with zilzul the way it seems to have been treated here, there is something fundamental that is apparently lacking in that person’s thinking.

I hope the OP will reconsider his ill-advised comment, and be appreciative of ANY kovod that is offered to him. My husband is a real baal anivus, and feels as though he should refuse certain kibbudim because he believes himself to be unworthy of them, having come from an irreligious background. I told him the same thing I am saying here. It is not just a kovod to the person, it is kovod to the Torah, and it would be disrespectful to refuse. Only exception in my mind, is when someone is being given that kovod too frequently, when others have not had a chance. And there is still a respectful way to express the thought that perhaps it is someone else’s turn.