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Yiddish is used by the Gedolim and has a holyness to it (certainly less than Loshon HaKodesh) since it was used by Yidden for 1,000+ years to learn Torah. It also allows Yidden from across the Globe to communicate with one another, despite other linguistical and cultural differences. And this is why in (many) Yeshiva’s the Rosh Yeshiva’s shiur, if not all shiurim, are given in Yiddish and it is used as the primary language by the Gedolim and Rabbonim.

(BTW “ivrit” is a treif language invented by a secular Torah despising zionist.)


It was also the language of the Maskilim, the lingua franca of Jewish criminals in the Europe, and I daresay, I once saw a volume of inappropriate poetry in Yiddish. It was published in Vilna just before WWII. I happen to like Yiddish. I am literate in it (self taught), and speak it farily often. But just because Jews speak it, does not imbue it with holiness.

Also Joseph your logic is ridiculous. If you maintain Yiddish is “holy” because Torah was learned in that language, please note Torah is also learned in Ivrit.