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Cherrybim, it was not meant to be an immature, manipulative posting. Gavra_at_work posted about why yidish is holy, made a hu hadin, and you agreed. There’s nothing immature about it. You essentially did a hoda’as baal din, and modeh ve’ozeiv yerucham. 🙂

Your more recent post says that there is holiness to Yeshivish English, but there’s more holiness to Yiddish. I’m not familiar with Rav Dovid Cohen’s book, but this is an admission that the difference between English and Yiddish, if there is one as you say, is at most of degree, not of essence- “levels” as we used to say in yeshiva. So where is it stated that the (if true) higher madreiga of yiddish makes it kedai to have all the bittul torah caused when someone speaks in Yiddish to an American-born audience? Man deka’ev le ke’evah azla lebei asya. In other words, vi shteit?

This isn’t meant to be a personal attack, and my apologies if it comes across that way.