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Our Yeshivah bochurim are on a daily basis being protected by the soldiers (including frum young men) in that “treifeneh medina.” So it behooves all of us to refrain from slinging mud at Israel. And while that learning does help to rpotect us as well, those boys are NOT putting their lives on the line as the soldiers are. According to halacha, all able-bodied men of a certain age are supposed to defend their country. Would you also say that E”Y was a treifeneh medinah during the times of the neviim who prophesied about the churban habayis? Klal Yisroel was steeped in tumah and aveiros, but that does not treif up the medinah, and one who uses such language when speaking about the Jews who live there and their government, is speaking loshon hara at the very least. If changes need to be made, we hope some day they will be made. But the Jews who B”EH built up a beautiful country out of arid desert and sand, should not be maligned.