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Itzik_s said “The real holiness, though, is in keeping alive a language that is disdained by those who preached assimilation in the US and those who tried to create a new Jewish culture devoid of Torah roots in E”Y. And that is because the language as we speak it represents a world that was nearly exterminated by the fire of the Churban and the floods of assimilation and secularism ”

On the contrary, Yiddish is the language espoused by anti-religious culturalists who glorify Yiddish, not the Torah, as their Jewishness! The Yiddish theater, both in Poland and on the Lower East Side was anti-Torah. The Forward kept printing in Yiddish until the very end. If your Yiddish is now mostly Hebrew, then you’re not speaking Yiddish anymore. The Yiddish my father-in-law spoke enabled him to be a post-war translator in Germany.