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Little Froggie

Oomis, very good!!!

Actually I was referring to time spent on Nach at the expense of in-depth learning (halachah & gemarah), and for males. I suppose you’re a female (as your subtitle suggests, unless you’re telling us a “bubba” maisa!), so for you, aderabah, to the contrary, it’s a most commendable, meritorious occupation. Valuable life lessons, knowledge, mussar, middos etc. and so much more to be gleaned from learning Nach throuh and with the perushim of our Torah greats.

And charliehall, That’s just what I was getting to, it IS considered Talmud Torah, just not at the same level as regular in-depth learning of a blatt Gemarah. Not my own revelation here – it’s somewhere in gemarah or mishnah. (I think Rabbi Soloviechick says something about “bitul torah” to hear megillah)