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It would seem that a previous post of mine didn’t go through. I will try to rephrase. I’m discussing sources, primarily with DY, in a hypothetical way. As always, one must get halacha from an authorized source.

The gemara on bb57 isn’t that clear. Darka acharina is relative. Being that the world is round, there is always a different way to go. What I understand it to mean is that if there is an EQUIVALENT way, then one may presume that the MOTIVE is to look. One who goes somewhere with the intent to look is a Rasha.

The sh’a isn’t clear. lehisrachek is perhaps 50 feet, meod, 40, and meod meod, 30? No? What are the RULES, then?

The baer heiteiv would apply equally in all settings.

The gemara in gittin is discussing bathing, not swimming, and is discussing justifications for divorce, not how far men must stay away.