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On the contrary, if you have the self control and motivation to work out on a regular basis, you have the self control and motivation to mind your own business at the gym.

I dont know how that follows. Yes, i think it’s harder to control oneself from these avairos (workout in workout out) than working out on a regular basis. I also think the spiritual health at risk outweighs the physical health risk of not going to the gym.

Gyms are not overrated. Where in your house do you find the room to keep all the equipment that the gyms have.

Truth is i was thinking more about motivation (ie working out at home which has the “too easy=lazy paradox”) when i wrote gyms are overrated. Regarding money as well, i was thinking buying your own treadmill and some weights would be enough and cheaper than a membership in the long run (A PUN!). As i was going to say, and then went thru the thread a bit and saw DY beat me to it, theres health reasons and then theres cosmetic reasons. Even for cosmetic purposes this cud be fine. I admit i dont know so much about gyms but thats partially cause i hold theyre overrated.

i understand people wanna look good. they shudnt be getting good looks at the same time.