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I didn’t notice anyone saying “it’s fine.” I did notice a lot of people saying it’s “assur.”

Reb Moshe’s tshuva regarding mixed beaches for health should enlighten you that it isn’t so simple. It isn’t a mitzva to asser something that isn’t assur. If by fixing “pirtza”s you mean espousing your “own feeling” at the expense of halacha or “Gods feeling” you think that is righteous?

DY was attempting to make a halakhic argument that imho was insufficient to prove issur in many circumstances. I can accept this. He feels he proved something. But where do others come off spouting rhetoric? You don’t want to go? Don’t go. Is it assur? In some cases, likely. Is it your job to publicly share your unfounded feelings? Only if you want to look like a fool in my eyes. You likely don’t care. I think we have come to an impasse.