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“But where do others come off spouting rhetoric? You don’t want to go? Don’t go. Is it assur? In some cases, likely. Is it your job to publicly share your unfounded feelings?”

Isn’t that rhetoric based on unfounded feelings?


“there are also people who are moreh heter in any number of issues, including cheating the government when it comes to taxes or applying to government programs, cheating in business, lashon harah, speaking in shul, and on and on. What about the chilul Hashem when frum people are walked away in handcuffs?”

All of the above is indeed reprehensible, but it has nothing to with the issue at hand. Other instances of wrongdoing do not effect this particular issue.

And again, I’m curious to know if you did indeed speak to your Rav before the aforementioned experience in a mixed gym, and what his response was.