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“We have someone who prioritizes golf to major world events”

Eisenhower played far more golf than Obama, and Wilson far more golf than Eisenhower. It can be seriously argued that Wilson won a World War while playing golf! And before then, John D. Rockefeller, Sr. became the richest man in the world while playing golf. You know that Obamahaters have nothing serious to say against Obama when they bring up golf.

” He also gave us Obamacare, an absolute wrecking of the health care scene”

The truth is of course the opposite of what you say. Obamacare made it possible for the first time for people with pre-existing health conditions to get health insurance. In the states that took the program seriously, like New York and Kentucky, individual insurance costs dropped and coverage expanded. And the spectacular increases in healthcare costs that had been destroying business after business and threatening the entire US economy have been curbed.

“(immigration, open borders,”

You clearly aren’t a Jew, or at least you don’t think like one. Would that Franklin Roosevelt had risked impeachment in the late 1930s to protect illegal immigrants the way Obama is doing! Jews have always depended on open borders to survive!!!