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🍫Syag Lchochma

thanks for answering, kind of, but not really. I did get your point but I can’t get you to take a step back and clear your mind long enough to make mine. (I am willing to assume it is my presentation, not saying it is a fault in you).

I wanted to point out that 2scents used the word “overload” but NEVER made any reference to which population he was thinking of. You did that math on your own. My personal value system may have filled in the blanks as his “overloading” making a reference to poor, drunks and druggies who seem to fill the ER’s I have been in.

I am sorry that feivel’s post was misread by you in a way that is making it impossible to move forward. It seems to be influencing every other comment and question I try to make. It makes me sad becuase you are holding it so strongly against him and “his type” and it isn’t even what was intended.

Regarding all the non-related points that have come up, you sound like a very caring doctor and your commitment to Torah is very commendable.