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Its annoying to me to see so many frum people parroting things catholics like Sean Hannity etc. say all day. Christains are no great friends of ours either and probably hate us just as much as the muslims, whatever a christain may say in public or on the radio they beleive that we killed their “god” and are going to burn forever for rejecting him. Their “saints” are by and large people who would have had no problem tourtering Jewish children to death. Just because in the past couple of hundred years it has become unfashionable to say these things in public in western society dosnt change what their religion is and has been for the past couple of thousand years.

Our history with muslims is a by and large a whole lot better. Muslims let Jews and christains live in their lands (with certain restrictions but generaly not as bad as those in christain countrys) while many catholic countrys were expelling us and inciting progroms.