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This isn’t just happening now, this has been going on for a number of years in the frum world. I had a couple good friends die from drugs, they started smoking pot and thought, “no big deal.” They then progressed in to other drugs, went sober, then out of nowhere were on it again. and that’s when the tragedies happened for both, on two separate occasions. Thankfully there are a few schools out there for teens on drugs, but some people are in complete denial, and ignore their child’s problem. They are afraid of what the other frum people in the community are going to think of them. People have to understand that their “pride” should never get in the way of their child’s life. If you have to send them away to a school, detox, programs, or whatever, DO IT, because every second you deny what’s happening, just pushes your child closer to drugs, and other harmful lifestyles. Sadly there are still people out there, who think that, “drugs can’t touch OUR community.” Sorry to break it these people, but it most likely is happening. Don’t turn your back on these kids.