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DaMoshe, Very interesting. You sound like the type of baal tfila I’d like to listen to on Yom tov for shachris and hallel. For yomin noroim, I am very traditional, and big into ‘nusach’. I could maybe handle Yigal calek for Chamoil and be’ein meilitz yosher (maybe because they’re older than me), but shiru lamelech for anything, no way. And Unesaneh tokef, in my mesorah, is the highlight of the tefila, and should be done in chazonus or strict nusach.

I like ItcheSrulik’s idea of Yedid nefesh for Vchol maaminim. I assume you sing the whole thing straight through, not stopping after every two lines.

Any Mirrers out there? Is there anything more beautiful than Rav Arye Finkel Shlit”a’s kedusha? (Besides his personal kedusha, I mean his nusach for that part of davening?)