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It has do do with the region and nothing to do with “Chassidish or Litvish”. Lita is a country, not a way of life and there were many Chassidim there. There are many Chassidim such as Slonim, Stolin, and Lubavitch who speak with a so-called “Litvish havara” and there were many non-Chassidim in Poland and Hungary who spoke with a so-called “Chassidish havara”. Even today, if you go to Krakow you will hear the goyim there say “the Ramu”. The Gra in all likelihood said neither “oh” or “oi” but “ay” as the old Litvisher Yidden pronounced it. The local languages influenced all havaros and no one can claim one is more “correct” than the others are. R. Moishe Zt”l has a teshuva about being yoitze hearing other havaras and about saying anything out loud (shliach tzibur, baal koreh, aliya) according to the minhag hamakom. It is entirely possible that there were originally different havaras among the shevatim just as the Ariza”l says that each shevet had a separate nusach hatefila. You see a few places in nach and shas where various people had different ways to pronounce words.