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Hey, mod72, I saw your request so here it goes:

This dvar Torah should be a zchus for a refuah shlaima for Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim ben Pesha Miriam and Aron Zelig ben Mayta along with all other Choley Yisroel.

We say in ha lachma anya, “hashata hacha,lishana haba biyisrael”, “now we are here, next year in the land of Israel”. R’ Chaim Brisker explains that we are comparing the geula from Mitztraim to the future geula from our current galus. Just as we were redeemed from Mitzraim bizchus the mitzvah of tzedakka, so too we will be redeemed from the current galus in the zchus of tzedakka. This is why we say “kol dichfin yaisai viyaichol”, to remind ourselves that through tzedakka we will be redeemed as it says “tzion bimishpat tipadeh vishaveha bitzedakka”.

He points out that tzedakka is one of the few mitzvos that can be done in completeness by everyone nowadays. In our current situation in galus, most mitzvos cannot be done completely. For instance, Shabbos can be kept but we don’t have the korban mussaf. Furthermore, even the mitzvos we have cannot be done in the best way possible by everyone because not everyone has the means. For instance, not everyone can afford the most mehudar tfillin. But, tzedakka can be done in completness by everyone because it is not limited by money. This may sound strange since tzedakka is the giving of money, but the best way to do the mitzvah is not in how much you give but how you give it and what percentage you give. Everyone is required and able to give between 10% and 20% and unfortanatly there are aniyim to give it to. So, the mitzvah of tzedakka can be done by everyone and in the zchus of everyone fulfilling the mitzvah of tzedakka to its fullest we should see the geula shlaima bikarov. Amen.