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Mussar HaTorah

3 Nisan, 5769 Vol. 10, No. 23 Parashas Vayikra

The Midrash tells us that this pasuk is refering to a great man sinning; A man as lofty as Adam HaRishon. Adam was so great that the angels thought he was godly. He was on one of the highest levels a human can reach. But yet, the Midrash continues to say that this man who sins must take care to separate himself from the animals, to insure that he does not fall to the lowest of depths. Granted that a man as great as Adam HaRishon may commit a small sin. But would we ever imagine that this sin could drag him to the animalistic depths? Is he truly in danger of sinking so low?

Let us realize that the Yetzer Hara is the greatest enemy we can ever have, and let us try to learn from our nemesis, who never surrenders without a struggle and fights tooth and nail for the smallest gain. He knows quite well that the stakes are extremely high, because we are dealing with eternity. If we make the effort to be vigilant and to avoid even the smallest lowering of our spiritual level, and seize every opportunity to grow, we will find ourselves making consistent strides forward in the positive direction, onward and upward as we elevate ourselves and everything around us to accomplish the ultimate purpose of our existence.