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Hope everyone had a beautiful Shabbos and I wish you all a Gut Voch,

On to the D’var Torah (As promised, another vort on the hagadda…

The Abarbanel asks, Why in the Ma Nishtana do we have only these 4 question? Certainly one could ask why we have an entire maggid and second cup before hamotzei (whereas we normally have kiddish followed by hamotzei). We can also ask about Korban Pesach and the 4 cups.

The Abarbanel answers that there are 3 types of changes: Additions, subtractions, and trades/switches.

The point of the questions of the Ma Nishtana is to state how there are changes of all types this night:

Additions: We dip twice

Subtractions: Normally Chametz and Matzah, tonight only Matzah

Trade/Switch: Marror instead of the other vegetables

The 4th change (reclining) is a behavioral change. We act in a kingly manner.

Now We can understand why we do not ask these other questions, as they are included within these categories of change. (i.e. it would be superfluous to ask about an addition a second time. e.g. 4 cups)

R’ Eliezer Ashkenazi (The Ba’al Ma’asei Hashem) states that each question corresponds to one of the 4 sons.

Chacham – questioning the addition: Since he is mistapek b’mo’at (notices the tiniest things e.g. 2 dips)

Rasha – questions the subtraction: Since his stomach is missing something, he asks where his bread is.

Tam – Trade/switch: Since the Tam will only ask by something which is abnormal for him. He is used to regular vegetables, however, when he sees the maror, he asks what is this?

She’eino Yode’a L’shol – reclining: The changes on the table are not enough for him to ask, even the behavioral changes (i.e. reclining) do not trigger a question. This indicates to us that he is indeed unable to ask.