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Here is something on Parshas Behar, without committing, iy”h I hope to give something tomorrow on Bechukosai

??-??? ???? ??? ??????, ????? ??-????; ??? ????, ???.

??-????–??-??? ??, ????; ???????, ??-??? ????.

???, ???-? ?-?????, ???-?????? ????, ???? ?????–??? ??? ??-??? ????, ????? ??? ??-????.

Why do we mention that Hashem took us out of Egypt after mentioning the issur of taking Ribbis?

There is a famous machlokes between the Rambam and the Ra’avid. Why were the Egyptians punished? After all, it was decreed that we would be slaves in a land not our own!

The Rambam says that the Egyptians were punished because they stepped to the plate! They didn’t have to, yet they chose to be the ones, so they were punished.

The Ra’avid is bothered by this pshat and offers another. The reason why they were punished was because they went too far. They enslaved the Jews too much. What did they do which was too much? When they lent the Jews money they charged interest.

So why the connection here in our Pasha between ribbis and Yitzias Mitzraim? Because if you lend money to another yid and charge ribbis, you are stating there is nothing wrong with it. Therefore you are saying that the Mizrim did nothing wrong as well, and as such Hashem was not justified in his punishing of the Mitzrim!!

That is why it says ???, ???-? ?-?????, ???-?????? ????, ???? ?????–??? ??? ??-??? ????, ????? ??? ??-????. after mentioning the issur of ribbis.