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Chasam Sofer – The Surprising Korban Of Nesanel Ben Tzu’ar

Each and every Nasi brought a Korban on his own day. This korban was identical for each and every Nasi. Rashi explains the remazim that were involved in the Korban, which were Kineged Adam HaRishon, the 70 Umos, the Torah, Avrohom, and so on. Interestingly, Rashi discusses all this for the Korban of Nesanel ben Tzu’ar, who was not the Nasi of the first day, but rather the second day. Why does Rashi skip Nachshon’s opening day korban and wait until Nesanel’s korban?

The Chasam Sofer answers that on the first day, Rashi had no proof that these korbanos represented something other than a generous gift. It was only when the second Nasi brought an identical korban, that Rashi could know that there was something deeper than just random gifts.

This also fits in with the Ramban who says that each Nasi brought an original korban based on ideas that represented his Shevet’s unique qualities. The intentions of Nesanel were not at all the intentions of Nachshon. It just happened to be that the Korban was the same.