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Health: I can’t imagine what I said that could have possibly “provoked” your tirade against me and Rabbonim in general, but I apologise none the less.

To set the record straight, my wife wore makeup to our chasuna and continues to wear makeup even outside the house, and I personally see nothing wrong with it when done appropriately and in moderation. I assume my daughters will do the same, even after they complete their studies in “Snif”.

However the “posut(sic) pshat” of the Shulchan Aruch you quoted (which I had looked up even before my first post on this thread, FYI) is absolutely of no relevance to our discussion. All that one can deduce from SA is that there is SOME unspecified circumstance under which a woman, and even a single girl of marriageable age, may wear makeup, even during shloshim. This “circumstance” is clearly related to matrimony and is certainly no PROOF that any woman may wear makeup outside the house when she is not in the presence of her (current/future/prospective) husband. It is also certainly not proof that she may not.